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Planting Seeds Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

I have said this saying I don't know how many times but it is the real game changer for increasing awareness. 

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Nov 5, 2020

Back to back episodes fam - this one dropping in on my approach to creating a level of consistency. Making things easy, factoring in time and making sustainability the mindset for the journey.

Here is the link to my recent online program Te Ara Hou - Holistic Wellness

Nov 5, 2020

Solo episode where I share some recent thoughts that I have been pondering - the fruit on trees are worthless if you can not eat them. The same goes for wisdom or knowledge that is not implemented is useless.

Here is the link to my recent online course Te Ara Hou - holistic Wellness

Oct 27, 2020

My buddy Erin (@erin-minogue-soul-awakener) and I met in 2017 at Tony Robbins Date w/ Destiny seminar in Gold Coast. We were paired together throughout that experience and we talk about what we went through and what has happened since. Absolutely loved this chat :)

Purchase her book Human here -

Oct 16, 2020

One of the most impactful podcast . . on a personal level. Matthew is an incredible human with a powerful story and loads of experiences. His ability to articulate, story tell and hold space is beautiful. Check out the links below to learn more about him and the work he is involved in.

Instagram - @here_to_b_me