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Planting Seeds Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

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Sep 23, 2022

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Sep 22, 2022

Second time sitting down with Riapo aka Rio lead singer from Sons of Zion, Co Founder of CO2 Media and Founder of Eager Beaver NFT.

A man who wears many hats but is driven by his story and using the cards that he was dealt as fuel to become the person he is today. A man with a genuine heart that wants serve others...

Sep 14, 2022

Nikki aka Niksta is one of the sisters who is doing really well in the space she is in. Since our last conversation back in 2019 (episode 10) she has made some changes not just in her life but also her business.

Pivotting her main focus from distributing homeware to graphic design and still under the umbrella of...

Sep 8, 2022

Nick and I constantly talk about relationships so we thought it'll be a good topic of discussion for our second episode of the Full Circle segment. 

You can't hide in a relationship and your deepest vulnerbilities are exposed but on the flip side the best of you can be revealed along with feelings that there aren't...